Monday, March 16, 2009

Geoffrey Bawa Online Reference- PROJECT 1

Villa Muller Online Reference

In addition to your own references, a good site for understanding the compositional principles of Villa Muller
Hopefully, you can come up with your own analysis without deriving too much from this.

Villa Savoye Online Reference

Some of you might find it hard to get into the building - This might help


Dear all

We will run this as a short and informal 'pin up' presentation for 2 hours, then break for 10 and resume with studio work and desk crits till 6.

  • Please come prepared with a full set of parti diagrams (first and second attempts), free hand sketches are fine
  • Free hand poché rendering 1: 100 (first attempt) of key plans and sections
  • A study model (rough working model in either paper or balsa wood (1: 200 or 1: 100) showing where the section is
  • Verbal presentation to the tutor or the group re the background story of the chosen villa

All drawings MUST be to scale
Tracing sheets must have white backing

Look forward to your discoveries!