Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dear Tute Group

For next Wednesday please bring the following

1 Final drawings plans sections and axonometric (all POCHE)
2 ONE sample of what the submission drawing will look like (this is because presentation wise our group was a little bit weak last time so I want to make sure I know what you are attempting - Please look at the link I have posted on the blogsite about
3 Working model (1:100) or Final Model in Progress

IMPORTANT: For students whose have had one or less consultation please bring between 1-3 design solutions so the Studio session can be fruitful (this is not whimsical - we as students and tutors are pressed for time therefore having more than one option means that the tutor can tell you what works and what doesnt )

The scale is 1: 50 for students working with small structures 1-2 rooms The scale is 1: 100 for students working with larger/more expansive schemes

IMPORTANT: You will need to get your scale approved before you go into 'production mode'
We will follow the roster system again and make sure everyone gets a fair go