Sunday, April 26, 2009


You are probably at a stage when you would need to consider (or reconsider) carefully the siting of the building - and ask yourself whether the site should be a part of the model - if not - why - it is not about whether the tutor wants to see the site in the model or whether the 250 X 250 will allow for it - but how best to indicate it graphically (not verbally) as a part of the overall story.

Nevertheless, you need to be clear about whether your project is

1 set on the side of a cliff face

2 set in a valley

3 submerged into a sloping hill or cut into it to join two roads at an upper or lower level

4 bridging a creek or a river

5 set at the waterfront (harbour or river)

6 inserted into an existing urban fabric or a building or set in an empty carpark

These are very exciting possibilities and even though it is a generic site it is will have some impact on the CONDITIONS and DESIRES of

a movement
b view
c light