Thursday, May 14, 2009


Dear tute group

As we discussed in the studio, you need to have finished the following groundwork before coming to studio in Week 10

1 site selection
2 site analysis in line with the images on the blogsite - drawing sketches photomontages must be printed and brought to class for presentation - these should show the environmental (light/shade), physical (heights/ densities/widths/ rhythm of shop fronts/), visual (features of surrounding buildings, materiality/ texture), experiential (sound/ambience), spatial (pause spaces versus spaces for rapid movement), and other facets you have come across
3 formation of narrative from the programme
4 1: 100 drawing of the site and the surrounding - you have the dwg and the pdf - but as some adjustments need to be made (or not) please do that as a group otherwise the group model will be useless
5 A selection of case study discussed in the lecture (if you missed the lecture - the slides will be up tomorrow) - the list is on the blogsite - and collection of photos, plans, sections, elevations of your chosen case study

All this groundwork must be complete before Studio next week. Make sure nothing is on the PC - that everything is printed/copied

So we will start the studio with presentations of site analysis - this should take one hour. For the remaining hour, I would like to do desk crits - to discuss your case study, narrative, ideas for dealing with the site, and initial sketches and strategies for design.

I know this might seem overwhelming but as the project is another rapid one you will need to stay focussed on the task and I am confident you will do well. Do not miss studios - because there arent many to miss!! However, if you missed the studio this week - you will need to check with your mates - It will be hard to recapsulate that discussion in an email.

I am happy to stay till after 6 but the studio must start at sharp 2

This all seems clear, I think

best and see you on Wed

I will be in touch with more details about the site models after I talk to Xing tomorrow.