Friday, May 22, 2009

Studio Week 11

COMPLETED WORK (You don't need to show me this but it is expected that you would have completed these tasks for studio Week 10)

• Site analysis
• Narrative formation (characters of the gallery owner, as well as the kind of art that is to be exhibited, kind of artists who would be using the workshop)
• Site selection
• Site visit
• Selection and analysis of case study


• Building Plan (1:100) showing neighbouring buildings (one plot deep for the
plans and sections) - Separate Ground, First, Second and so on
• 1: 100 Building sections
• 1: 100 Building elevations
Note: You should make a template site plan section and elevation and
bring your Building plans on large tracings laid over the template (and some extra tracing for feedback session) - save time and money
• Working model 1: 200 (1: 100)
• At least 2 internal perspectives showing light quality of two galleries
These can be hand drawn or CAD
This is work in progress and will be evaluated as such


Please keep in mind that the tutor can decide not to give you feedback if you do not have at least 80 percent of the above stated requirements to the right scale and in the right format. Incomplete work or lack of work or work that is not printed and on the laptop means that more time is spent in verbally trying to extract architectural ideas out of the student, thereby disadvantaging students who have indeed produced work. Xing clarified this issue in the beginning of the semester. Hence please take responsibility for your education. If your work is not printed or complete, we may ask you rectify that during the studio session. We are pretty firm about this.


I see a number of students always in the end – if you know who you are (and are interested in seeing me earlier in the day) – could you come to studio at sharp 2 to put your name down on the roster – I think this is fair.


You all have your feedback sheets for Project 2 and I will individually email you the grades


It is expected that the individual/group site model is in progress and this is separate from the work you show in studio (you may not bring this to studio - but it is expected that you upload progress photos on the blogsite).

A lot to do but I hope you are at least enjoying the project and learning a lot from it.