Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IMPORTANT Crit Schedule Studio Week 12

Dear tute group

This is the order in which I would like you all today (Let me know if
you can spot any mistake) - this is based on the numbers of times you
have had consultation with me and the level of difficulty you are
facing. I think this is equitable as a number of students (probably
shy or modest) always see me much later in the day leaving me with
little energy. Of course, this is subject to your timely attendance.
Hence, if you are not there to attend the crit on time, then you slide
right down to the list and I will keep seeing the students in the
order in the list. If you are progressing well, please come to the
studio and keep working there till your turn comes. Please be there at
2 sharp. I will take a break at around 4 for 15 -20 minutes to run to
another studio to collect some student works

Yuen,Adley Chun Kit 2
Awad,Yasmin Fayek 2 15
McGee,Samantha Jane 2 30
Chan,Chiu Yin 2 45
Li,Yao Ling Sam 3 00
ieong, andrew 3 15
Burraston,Joseph Bede 3 30
Borromeo,Michael Brian 3 45

BREAK at 4 00

Desai,Karl 4 30
Amirashairi,Amir 4 45
Butterworth,David Andrew 5 00
Aduldechachai,Thiradet 5 15
Aoukar,Joycey Rita 5 30
Argent,Matthew 5 45
Beer,Scott Brodie 6 15
Brennan,Nicholas Sean 6 30