Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 2 What your blogsite should look like

Please see the variety of investigations that all of you should be engaged in at this stage
I know you are busy but if you upload then I can comment on your work before studio
The blog is a place of sharing work and not just uploading your folio

Models from Australian Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale

See these models for inspiration
You can also see a short video on
The catalogue has more images

Enter Architecture, Redfern Housing Prototype. Photo: Byron Keane. Model: Tom Spalding, Envizage Australia.
Super Colossal, Cubby Conglomerate.
Mulloway Studio, Contemplative Space.
Chenchow Little Architects, Pitched Roof House. Photo: Phillip Hayson. Model: Chenchow Little.

Exquisite model and overall process in Project 2 in 2008

For exquisite model and overall process in Project 2 in 2008

See for the drawings and other views of the model

Here are some images

Standards - Model and Drawing

Dear all

Examples within the year group

For excellent presentation standards see

Model and drawings (notwithstanding the coloured diagrams)

Model and drawings (notwithstanding the coloured diagrams) -

Line work

Model making Books (taken from Ainslie Murrays 2008 blogsite)

James Angus, James Angus, Sydney: MCA, 2006.

James Angus, Mikala Dwyer, Emily Floyd, Ronnie Van Hout, Ricky Swallow, Still Life: The Inaugural Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Project, Sydney: AGNSW, 2003.

Tim Hawkinson, Tim Hawkinson, Sydney: MCA, 2007.

Wolfgang Knoll and Martin Hechinger, Architectural Models: Construction Techniques, London: BT Batsford, 1992.
Criss Mills, Designing With Models: A Studio Guide to Making and Using Architectural Design Models, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2000.

Karen Moon, Modelling Messages: The Architect and the Model, New York: Monacelli Press, 2005.

Toshiko Mori (ed.), Immaterial, Ultramaterial: Architecture, Design and Materials, New York: Harvard Design School and George Braziller, 2002.

Callum Morton, More Talk About Buildings and Mood, Exhibition Catalogue, Sydney: MCA 2006.

National Sculpture Prize & Exhibition 2005, Canberra: NGA, 2005.

Susan Norrie, Daniel von Sturmer, Callum Morton, Venice Biennale 2007 Australia, Sydney: Australia Council for the Arts, 2007.

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Martha Sutherland, Modelmaking: A Basic Guide, New York: W W Norton & Co, 1999.

Sophia Vyzoviti, Supersurfaces: Folding as a method of generating forms for architecture, products and fashion, Corte Madera: Gingko Press, 2006.

Sophia Vyzoviti, Folding Architecture: Spatial, Strucutral and Organisational Diagrams, Corte Madera: Gingko Press, 2003.

Modelling supplies (taken from Ainslie Murrays 2008 blogsite)

Artlink Art Supplies
3 Chard Rd Brookvale
ph: (02) 9939 7633

Art Smart Discount Art Supplies
50 Ethel St Seaforth
ph: (02) 9949 7477

Art On King
199- 201 King St Newtown
ph: (02) 9516 2342

Bondi Road Art Supplies
179-181 Bondi Rd Bondi
ph: (02) 9387 3746

Burwood Art Supplies
246 Burwood Rd Burwood
ph: (02) 9747 6222

Campus Art Store
Cnr Greens Rd & Napier St Paddington
ph: (02) 9331 7474

2- 8 Phillip St Parramatta
ph: 1800 227 116

88 Walker St North Sydney
ph: (02) 9957 5678

93 York St Sydney
ph: (02) 9299 4151

21 Atchison St St Leonards
ph: (02) 9439 4944

Janet’s Art Supplies
145 Victoria Ave Chatswood
ph: (02) 9417 8572

Hurstville Art & Drafting Supplies
23 MacMahon St Hurstville
ph: (02) 9570 4138

North Shore Art Supplies
10 George St Hornsby
ph: (02) 9476 0202

Oxford Art Supplies
221- 225 Oxford St Darlinghurst
ph: (02) 9360 4066

Parkers Art Supply
3 Cambridge St The Rocks
ph: (02) 9247 9979

The Art Scene
912 - 914 Victoria Rd West Ryde
ph: (02) 9807 6900

Project 2 Composition, Craft, Opening

As you develop your design for project 2, keep in mind the idea of composition and craft

Composition - Like I have noted before, you will need to show competence with architectonic composition using strategies of folding, stacking, carving, shifting, arranging, repeating, thickening, layering of planes and linear elements.

Craft - Craft is not merely a neat model but also clarity in thinking through the formal strategies - You need to think of how to use the model making materials and what they signify in terms on inhabitation

Window - Think inside out

Have a look at some of these first year example from another university in Australia - very similar in approach if not in scale to your project - to see how some of them have used these strategies to create habitation

Example of folding

Example of repeating
Example of layering

Example of thickening