Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi all

In case you have neglected to look at the handout or forgotten the contents, the final submission will consist of

drawings presented in A2 sheets.

1. Site plan showing the art gallery and its relationship with adjacent buildings and the street. 1: 500 or 1: 1000
2. Floor plans and sections (including the outdoor courtyard). 1: 100
3. One room in plan and section (rendered, showing the quality of light in the room, and with at least one art object in it). 1: 50
4. Sectional, architectonic model. 1: 100
5. Interior perspective vignettes showing the main sequence of spaces.

This needed emphasis as some of you will now start to build your site models, and only a handful of students on Wed Week 10 had 1:100 drawings even though I had included it as part of the things to do (Some students even told me they could not do this because the plan would not fit on an A3!!!) Working at the right scale (rather scales, as one would also make conceptual sketches initially as well as throughout) is crucial - your design will not resolve or mature at a scale smaller than this (1:100).

I will send through a list of things needed for Studio Week 11 shortly - Adhering to it is in your best interest as the quality of the feedback (and therefore your progress) will depend on it. There are only two more weeks to go before the final submission.