Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Hi Tute Group

I have you have managed to get some well deserved rest - maybe some of you are still resting while I send this email!

Xing has asked me to tell you all do upload your Project 1 submission on to the blogsite

MODEL Students whose models are in the Gallery space should go there and document the model - you can move it around to a brighter spot to photograph it or use a lamp - In general, dont forget to use a black or a white paper to block out the base and the background - This is ESSENTIAL - Please also DO NOT photograph your models using phone cameras - Your work will looked at the end of the session for parity and this is an archive of your Project 1 so GOOD PHOTOS are crucial.

PARTI AND POCHE These drawings should be scanned and NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - some of you will have digital versions which will already have the rendering but if it does not then please scan the actual submission - Please add your comments and EDIT COMPLETE AND AMPLIFY this in light of the feedback you received in Studio.

All this must be complete BEFORE NEXT STUDIO SESSION.

Keep in mind that the quality of this submission also counts towards your final grade.