Sunday, June 7, 2009



All the drawings are to be presented in A2 sheets.

Submit the following items of work:

1. Site plan showing the art gallery and its relationship with adjacent buildings and the street. 1: 500 or 1: 1000 – This is a small drawing and therefore it should be accompanied by some site analysis on an A 2 sheet.

2. Floor plans and sections (including the outdoor courtyard). 1: 100 – These are discrete plans – separate plans for separate floors – this is self evident but I have seen many students over the years compromise by combining floor plans! You will lose marks if you don’t do this. Remember that the floor plans and sections are poches not line drawings! So make them atmospheric.

3. One room in plan and section (rendered, showing the quality of light in the room, and with at least one art object in it). 1: 50 – You should realise that as this is 1:50 it will need to be “animated” – people in silhouette, display, and some furniture if applicable

4. Sectional, architectonic model. 1: 100 – Model should be well crafted and glued together – Another self evident statement but you will lose marks for models that are not glued to the base or whose roofs are not glued down – Pay attention to the word “sectional” – the section is the only place where the model comes apart.

5. Interior perspective vignettes showing the main sequence of spaces. There should be at least 5-6. These should be to scale (I would say 1:50 or 1:100 – smaller than this would make it hard to read)


Colour – I prefer monochrome presentations but some students are good at using colour in their digital renderings. If you want to use colour, please make sure that they are not realistic. You will not gain points for using colour either. Most importantly do not use it as a decoration or if it is a minor part of your design.

Axonometric – Even though this is not mentioned as part of the submission requirement you may wish to make them – particularly if a sectional model does not completely explain your scheme.

Additional material 1 – The kind of art marketed by the dealer MUST BE presented along with the narrative for the architectural programme in an A2 format. This is important as this is the foundation for your design!

Additional material 2 – Case study – You would have studied at least one art gallery so you MUST please present your findings in a graphic form in an A2 format. Again this shows that you have done some research on the idea of displaying art and moving through a gallery – it forms the foundation of your design!

Text – on the site analysis sheet, case study, describing the art, narrative, space labels and street names, drawing conventions (Up, down, levels, first floor second floor etc) – NO OTHER TEXT is to be inserted in the presentation


Guest critic – You will have one external guest critic for this submission in addition to Prof Xing Ruan so please treat this as a formal event – be prepared, be on time, come equipped with pins and tapes.

Presentation – You will speak for 7 minutes and the jurors will speak for a total of 8. Please prepare your presentation – write it down as a script of no more than 7 minutes – Which is not more than 800 words (with pause erms and aahs) – Do not present your design as if I already know it – Decide on what is the most significant part of the scheme and present that – it is unlikely you will have time to talk about everything – but tutors and jurors will look at your scheme again so that all that you have not had the chance to present will be picked up then. So be succinct and strategic in explaining the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of your scheme.